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5 Short Parenting Stories

5 Short Parenting Stories 1. GAIN PERSPECTIVE Every afternoon I read out loud to Samson, while his two younger sisters are napping. Normally Samson is bouncing off the walls with energy. But when I read, he is still as a stone. Right now we are devouring C.S. Lewis’ classic book The Lion, The Witch, and […]

5 Ways to Show Physical Affection to Your Oldest Child

Learn to be proactive once your child outgrows physical caretaking   A few months ago, my five-year-old Samson was taking a shower. He is tall and big for his age. He has white hair, blue eyes, and a ready smile with two rows of gleaming white toddler teeth. He likes monster trucks, Batman and Transformers. […]

Going to Great Wolf Lodge – aka The Scream!

Going to Great Wolf Lodge – aka The Scream! Crack out of the ol’ tired caretaker mom – have fun with your darlings! We decided, last minute, to go to Great Wolf Lodge. It’s a kid-friendly resort with a gigantic indoor water park. (Or as my witty mom friend calls it: The Scream. Aka 10,000 […]

The power of singing bedtime songs to your children

Scripture Bedtime Songs The power of a mama’s bedtime singing! I am the oldest of five children. I grew up in a Fort Worth, Texas suburb in a red brick home. I don’t remember everything from my childhood. But I distinctly remember my mother’s bedtime singing when I was a little girl. I shared a […]

Biblical Analogy Walks with Little Children

  Hey there sweet mama of little ones,   Are you tired and overwhelmed? Try a walk with your tiny darlings to refresh! Nature calms the fussiest of babies, the toddler/preschooler can get their energy out, and YOU will return a new woman. Getting outdoors rejuvenates me as a mom of little ones. I sometimes […]

Buying new post-baby clothes

The nitty, gritty story I needed to buy some new “professional” clothes to speak in for this spring. I have a lovely tribe of dresses hanging in my closet this minute that would work well. But, unfortunately, they do not fit my post-third-baby body the way they used to. So, I naively went to buy […]

Hannah’s Birth Story

My first induced baby   Samson’s birth started at a birthing center with a midwife. But because of complications, we had to transfer to a hospital for an epidural. A whopping 52-hours later, Samson was born. I delivered Esther naturally, because we arrived to the hospital too late. GREAT BALLS OF FIRE THAT HURT. But […]

Little People Social Skills – IT’S IMPORTANT!

When Samson was two-years-old, we had a problem. Every time we took him to visit his great-grandmother, he would wilt behind our legs. He would not give her a hug. He would not even say “Hi!” David and I finally had a talk about Samson’s social skills. We did not want to excuse his rude […]

5 Easy Kid Christmas Traditions

Here’s five fun ideas to try this month with your little darlings! Pray for your Christmas cards! Keep all your Christmas cards, and let your children choose one card at dinner time and pray for the family that sent the card! My mother did this when I was a little girl. Now I store all […]

Seven Year Wedding Anniversary

SEVEN YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY, POST THREE YOUNG CHILDREN You know you are celebrating your seventh wedding anniversary (as parents of three small children) when: – you can’t go on a trip to celebrate because you have a two-month-old baby – you can’t got to a restaurant more than 15 minutes away in case the baby […]

Recent Articles

The Power of Ordinary Motherhood

What you are doing MATTERS     I don’t think you get it, Mom. I don’t think you get it at all. You think what you do each day is ordinary. Wiping bottoms and noses. Tossing a frozen pizza in your oven. Washing the same pan over and over. But it’s not ordinary. It’s not […]

The Last Summer

The last summer Every Sunday, my husband David and I have a scheduling meeting to go over the week. We often sit down with steaming mugs of coffee to add some comfort to a high-stress meeting. Ha! I grab my hanging wall calendar, he grabs his iphone calendar and we schedule. When I leave, I […]

Esther’s First Ballet Lesson

  When I was a tired mother of a baby and a toddler, I enjoyed reading one chapter of the book “Mitten Strings from God” before I went to sleep each night. Her nostalgic, beautifully written stories of motherhood made me savor my children as gifts, instead of just work all day. So, every now […]

To receive my weekly video and blog posts for moms of young children, enter your email here:
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