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Traveling with Young Children – From Dallas to Denver

Sometimes, you just gotta laugh – they’ll be memories soon! Last weekend David and I flew for the first time with three young children. Count ‘em: THREE totally dependent small children, and TWO adult caretakers. That, my friends, is a ratio for a good story. GETTING THERE I thought we nailed trip preparation for our […]

8 Little Ways to Show Little People God

Easy ideas to introduce God to your young children Yesterday, Esther came wailing to me because she bonked her head on the edge of our wooden kitchen table. I rubbed the red spot with my hand and asked her if she wanted me to pray for it. “Yes!” she sobbed, with big tears sliding off […]

Good Days and Bad Days in Parentville

Parents of young children can laugh or cry at the chaos. In parenting, there are good days and there are bad days. The good day? We finally remembered to take out our trash, after forgetting it the last two times IN A ROW post-sleepless newborn nights. (We may or may not have set it out […]

The Battle of the Ottoman

Keep perspective in the middle of harried parenting moments   Baby Hannah is only five-weeks-old. So I nurse her minimum every three hours in her pink nursery. I’ll say it again. MINIMUM EVERY THREE HOURS, all day and all night long. (Ladies and gentlemen, that is a commitment.) When I just had one baby, nursing […]

Hotel Life with Little People

It’s worth it to take ’em! It’s the hotel life for these little cousins! (My sister and I birthed all these children in the past five years. Are you impressed, or are you impressed.) We have been living in a swanky Dallas hotel thanks to my husband’s generous company for the past several days. (My […]


  Be thankful for the grandparent help when you have young children!   You know those MasterCard TV commercials where they cite the cost of items and then end with a sappy memory with a cost of “Priceless”? Well, my parents drove ALLTHEWAYACROSSTHEWORLD to Dallas to spend the night and help watch all three of […]

Life with Three Kids, Age Five and Under

Real Motherhood, y’all We just entered the three children, age five and under “new normal” life. The baby is four-weeks-old. It is cray-cray. Here’s some little stories about the hard times and the good times of having three kids close in age! (PS Did I mention we bought a minivan the DAY BEFORE the baby […]

“Wearing” My Baby in Public For the First Time

The nitty, gritty story Today I attempted to “wear” my baby in public for the first time. (This smiling, happy, over-confident selfie photo was taken BEFORE the deed, when I was practicing baby-wearing around the house. *insert wicked villain laugh* – BWAHAHA). My earliest memory of baby-wearing was when I was an impressionable young girl […]

Unmask Your Child’s Personality

Study your child’s strengths and weaknesses while they are young so you can better parent today and in the future! Last week, I was feeding baby Hannah in her pink nursery. Two-year-old Esther was clawing my legs for attention. But I was distracted by an odd, reoccurring sound. I kept hearing five-year-old Samson rip by […]

Don’t Forget Dad in the Newborn Days!

REMEMBER: You and your partner are on the same team when the new baby arrives! I had to call and apologize to my husband last week. I had shoved our two-week-old baby in his arms and headed out the door for a quick errand, without even a little “thank-you”. Suddenly while driving, I realized with […]

Recent Articles

Perspective in the little years

During the girls’ naptime, Samson’s imagination and independent play run wild. Today he created an elaborate party, complete with kid snacks at each of our places at our wooden kitchen table, games like “bobbing for apples” set out (my stainless steel mixing bowl full of water on the kitchen floor with a lone apple floating, […]

Why I Believe in Vacationing with Kids

This picture, to me, is what vacations with kids are all about: THE FUN MEMORIES. My dad’s dad – my grandfather – owned several successful businesses in Pine-tree-dotted small town Magnolia, Arkansas. But unfortunately, he went to be with the Lord at a young age. My mother never even met him. I think that experience […]

Working Out Post-Children

I went running for the first time since having Hannah this week. (Because, what better time to start than at THE BEACH, right?!??) When I was single, I used to run three times a week – even ran a few 5k and 10k races. (Light stuff compared to my sister that runs marathans, my brother […]

To receive my weekly video and blog posts for moms of young children, enter your email here:
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