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5 Newborn Parenting Perspective Tips

Keep the big picture in mind when your new baby arrives. *As published for Southlake Style magazine here: Sarah was ecstatic when her new baby girl arrived. The smell of the tiny newborn head. The pea-sized toes. A live doll baby to dress each day. But she also felt her life crashed. All she […]

The Labor and Delivery Ward of the Hospital

The happiest place on earth The labor and delivery ward of a hospital has to be one of the happiest places on earth. Most of the rest of the hospital is rife with sickness, tragedy, emergency, life-threatening surgeries and even death – few people want to be there. But there sits the smiling labor and […]

Wanting a Boy or a Girl Baby

CHOOSING THE GENDER OF YOUR BABY AND CHILDREN When Samson and Esther met baby Hannah in the hospital, I was unprepared for Samson’s response when he learned it was a girl, not a boy. Dave and I had been talking with the kids for months how the baby could be a boy or a girl, […]

The Funny Side of Maternity and Newborn Photography Photo Shoots

Maternity photo shoots and Newborn photo shoots are so funny to me. 1. Maternity photos – that time you try and take romantic, beautiful photos when you are your fattest, largest self. (I literally start laughing out loud when the photographer asks me to do a dramatic, no-smile pose, “I’m so sorry, it just feels […]

Back-to-school Parenting Perspective

Remember the future so you can appreciate today Yesterday I ran into Target and passed the chaos of parents and students buying school supplies. I felt so happy that Samson was NOT starting kindergarten this year – a whole, delicious year ahead of being at home with my three little ones. Time stand still! Then […]

Newborn Baby Perspective

When a new baby arrives, let go of productivity to enjoy your little one! The last few days of motherhood have been a bit rough for me. I’m up all night with my darling two-week old baby, exhausted during the day and then my computer crashed right when I was so behind on emails, speaking […]

The Funny Side of Newborn Parenting

Caffeinated motherhood and minivans This may or may not have been the sole reason for my trip to Target this morning. (Side note: I couldn’t help staring at all the chirpy female shoppers post early Saturday morning workout…WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!?? It’s SAT-UR-DAY. They are all bouncing around in hot pink tennis shoes and bold […]

Pregnant past your due date

  What is it like to be pregnant in Texas in August, three days past your due date? I will tell you. – I feel like a bloated 200-pound beached whale stranded in the middle of the Sahara desert. – I am always hot. Even in the air-conditioning. Even under a fan. – My fingers […]

Don’t forget your oldest child

Remember your oldest still needs attention, too! In the mornings, when we are all getting ready for the day, I often lay out five-year-old Samson’s clothes and tell him to get dressed and brush his teeth by himself. Then I whisk two-year-old Esther away to help her get ready for the day. She cannot do […]

Minnie Mouse and the Green Lizard – Enjoy your small children!

Stop to enjoy the season of little ones Yesterday, I corralled both Samson and Esther out the door for my prenatal chiropractic appointment. (Do any other parents of multiple young children ever feel like you are a modern mom cowgirl when getting those little ones all out the door – “YAH! YAH!” behind them on […]

Recent Articles

Stop and Smell Your Children – ENJOY parenting!

One thing I realized, when I was overwhelmed with a baby and a toddler, is that I couldn’t change my circumstances. Every day was chaos. Every day was full of nonstop work. And often working in the night, too! Whew! I felt like a rat on a spinning wheel that couldn’t jump off. I knew […]

5 Short Parenting Stories

5 Short Parenting Stories 1. GAIN PERSPECTIVE Every afternoon I read out loud to Samson, while his two younger sisters are napping. Normally Samson is bouncing off the walls with energy. But when I read, he is still as a stone. Right now we are devouring C.S. Lewis’ classic book The Lion, The Witch, and […]

5 Ways to Show Physical Affection to Your Oldest Child

Learn to be proactive once your child outgrows physical caretaking   A few months ago, my five-year-old Samson was taking a shower. He is tall and big for his age. He has white hair, blue eyes, and a ready smile with two rows of gleaming white toddler teeth. He likes monster trucks, Batman and Transformers. […]

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