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Planned Parenthood, I’m glad you didn’t get my baby

  I’m 39-weeks pregnant with a baby that could have been legally aborted. And apparently, if aborted at Planned Parenthood, my baby could have been ripped apart and it’s body parts sold for profit. It breaks my heart to write about my unborn baby like that. But I cannot stay silent when every night laying […]

You know you are 38-weeks pregnant when…

You know you are 38-weeks pregnant when…   – You no longer wear your wedding ring because your fingers are so swollen. (So when I run errands, not only do I have swollen hands, I feel like I look like a woman of loose morals.) – You are down to one pair of shoes that […]

Getting out the door with young children

Remember the big picture when things get hairy! We have a Fort Worth Zoo membership. I love to meet friends for a non-crowded weekday zoo morning, followed by lunch in the shade. I was preparing for a zoo trip the night before in the kitchen, after the children dozed off. I lassoed lunch boxes, sunscreen, […]

Make Your Child’s Birth Date a Time to Stop and Smell!

  Slow down to celebrate with your little one! Maybe I’m different from most parents, but I love children’s birthday parties. I love hosting them and I love attending them. I feel they help us busy parents slow down and celebrate another year of life that God gave us with our children. (Side note: when […]

Little People Spills and Messes

Keep perspective with young children interruptions, spills, messes and delays Last Sunday, I was running around like a crazed madwoman, trying to get my little family ready for church. We were trying to make the 9am service. I popped a scratchy, Sunday dress over Esther’s head and smeared her fine baby hair back with a […]

Emotions Before a New Baby Arrives

Preparing for the New Normal   Our baby’s due date is August 7, just six weeks to go. As the days are dropping away in a tornado of to-do’s, Dave and I joined forces to get two-year-old Esther’s big girl “Princess” room ready ASAP so she won’t feel displaced when the baby takes over her […]

The Waiting Infant Car Seat

Don’t forget the Gift of Parenthood   We finally got a new, tiny infant carseat for the new baby. I pulled it out of the back of my car and laid it in the center of our garage floor. It looks miniscule in comparison to Esther’s pink two-year-old carseat or Samson’s big boy seat.   […]

On Maternity Swim Suits

The Pinnacle of Every Fashionista’s Career – hee, hee! – the tankini maternity swim suit is the best design, hands-down: full-coverage and easy to get on and off (though they should sell the bottoms and tops separately instead of in sets – for example, in later pregnancy, you need a medium top to cover that […]

Father’s Day with Little Children

Don’t forget your hubby during the diaper blizzard years!   Today is Father’s Day. Samson led close-eyed Dave by the hand to our dining room for our “surprise”: a stack of new summer t-shirts, two primitive/scribbled homemade cards by the kids and a gold, sappy store-bought card from me. I tried to write in my […]

Date Your Little People!

Make Fun Memories With Your Child!   Last Saturday, I preggo-waddled into David’s garage where he was working on man projects. (Some say it’s not a waddle. It’s PREGNANCY SWAG.) “Honey, do you mind watching baby Esther so I can take Samson to a little class at Home Depot?” Dave agreed and I swooped Samson […]

Recent Articles

Going to Great Wolf Lodge – aka The Scream!

Going to Great Wolf Lodge – aka The Scream! Crack out of the ol’ tired caretaker mom – have fun with your darlings! We decided, last minute, to go to Great Wolf Lodge. It’s a kid-friendly resort with a gigantic indoor water park. (Or as my witty mom friend calls it: The Scream. Aka 10,000 […]

The power of singing bedtime songs to your children

Scripture Bedtime Songs The power of a mama’s bedtime singing! I am the oldest of five children. I grew up in a Fort Worth, Texas suburb in a red brick home. I don’t remember everything from my childhood. But I distinctly remember my mother’s bedtime singing when I was a little girl. I shared a […]

Biblical Analogy Walks with Little Children

  Hey there sweet mama of little ones,   Are you tired and overwhelmed? Try a walk with your tiny darlings to refresh! Nature calms the fussiest of babies, the toddler/preschooler can get their energy out, and YOU will return a new woman. Getting outdoors rejuvenates me as a mom of little ones. I sometimes […]

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