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How my dad inspired me as a parent

My father at age 64 has more energy than my toddlers. He is like the Energizer Bunny Grandpa. I would have loved to meet him when he was my age. Dad is about 6 ft, partially bald (he tells us God made only a few perfect heads – the rest he covered with hair), works […]

Samson’s 4th birthday

Samson turned four this week. We have been talking about this day since his last birthday. How he will no longer need a pull-up at night. How he will no longer suck his thumb. How he will be weally, weally big. I ran into Wal-mart and pulled a $2 multi-colored Happy Birthday banner to hang […]

Mothering like my Mother

Dear Mother, I just want you to know that I find myself mothering just like you and I could not be happier. Thank you for your inspirational example. Let me tell you the ways I mimic your mothering. It starts at the very beginning of the day when I sweep baby Esther up in my […]

The Simple, Slow Life with Small Children

Life with small children is slow and simple. SLOW in that we take our time doing anything because each child needs help. Simple tasks take about four times as long – like getting dressed, or getting in the car with car seats, eating, bedtime, etc. Slow in that it takes longer to do anything because […]

Parenting Lessons from Miniature Golf

Somewhere in the middle of the diaper blizzard that is mothering two small children, I purposed to proactively carve out time for just Samson, my toddler son, and me for fun. Often I was preoccupied with the baby and my interactions with my darling blue-eyed, high-energy boy were curt commands to get dressed, eat the […]

These are the happiest days of my life

I never want to forget how happy I am right now. I truly cannot imagine being any happier. I think of the happiness in my youth “conquering the world” and succeeding. The day Dave asked me on our first date. That afternoon he proposed in front of 1000 people in The Woodlands and the magical […]

Don’t Forget Your Husband when you have Small Children

We have a three-year-old towhead boy and an 11-month-old baby girl that resembles a live Cabbage Patch doll. They make us laugh and smile each day. We love them with all our might. But the transition from one to two small children was a rough one for my husband and me. We took turns at […]

A Magical Night – Turning Ordinary Moments With Children into Extraordinary Memories

Yesterday was a busy day full of family, fun and traffic that kicked all our schedules out the door. I placed both tired, cranky children into their little beds and let them dream until 5:30pm. Daddy was hunting overnight. But I was determined that it wouldn’t just be a “getting-through-the-night-until-dad-gets-home-tomorrow” kind of night. I had […]

Slow Down and Enjoy Your Children

When we had our second child, days and nights snowballed into a blur. A two-year-old and a newborn kept us up at night and working like dazed madmen during the day just keeping them both fed and diapered. When baby Esther finally started sleeping through the night, we established a daily routine but the days […]

Recent Articles

5 Easy Kid Christmas Traditions

Here’s five fun ideas to try this month with your little darlings! Pray for your Christmas cards! Keep all your Christmas cards, and let your children choose one card at dinner time and pray for the family that sent the card! My mother did this when I was a little girl. Now I store all […]

Seven Year Wedding Anniversary

SEVEN YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY, POST THREE YOUNG CHILDREN You know you are celebrating your seventh wedding anniversary (as parents of three small children) when: – you can’t go on a trip to celebrate because you have a two-month-old baby – you can’t got to a restaurant more than 15 minutes away in case the baby […]

Traveling with Young Children – From Dallas to Denver

Sometimes, you just gotta laugh – they’ll be memories soon! Last weekend David and I flew for the first time with three young children. Count ‘em: THREE totally dependent small children, and TWO adult caretakers. That, my friends, is a ratio for a good story. GETTING THERE I thought we nailed trip preparation for our […]

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