Don’t Forget Dad in the Newborn Days!

REMEMBER: You and your partner are on the same team when the new baby arrives!

I had to call and apologize to my husband last week. I had shoved our two-week-old baby in his arms and headed out the door for a quick errand, without even a little “thank-you”. Suddenly while driving, I realized with a cold shudder, how rude I had been treating him lately.

I picked up my phone and speed-dialed his number, “Dave?” “Yes?” “I am calling to apologize.” “Ok.” “I am so sorry for the way I have been taking you for granted since the new baby has arrived. I keep barking orders at you for help, taking you for granted, asking you to do help with no gratitude, and demanding you do things that I should be doing….can you please forgive me?”


It’s easy to be rude when you an exhausted newborn mom. But just because YOU are tired, doesn’t mean you are the mean queen that takes advantage of everyone because WOA IS ME. A mother’s heart IS THE center of her home, even when she’s tired.

David often reminds me, “Hey! We are on the SAME TEAM. If you want help, you have to be kind to your number one helper!” He’s right. Remember to take your eyes off your own self to be thankful to your spouse when the new baby arrives!

Here’s some ways I appreciate Dave with a newborn.
– Real life romance? When your husband:
– watches you vomit your eyeballs out for nine-months of pregnancy but still gives you hugs at night in bed when you feel so unattractive
– watches you deliver a baby, in all of its raw glory and tells you that the baby is almost as beautiful as it’s mother
– buys you fresh flowers to cheer the sterile hospital delivery room
– holds your hand as you slowly walk/limp from the hospital to the car
– after a few newborn sleepless nights, when you complain about being tired, comes home with three cases of your favorite Starbucks caffeine drink
– makes multiple Walmart runs to buy you embarrassing nursing and feminine products
– only a week after you have delivered the baby, (and still feel completely unattractive with a still-bloated uterus) asks you out for a dinner date and arranges a babysitter.
– and then the next day, when you can’t do anything but sleep post a hairy all-nighter with the newborn, scoops your five and two-year-old out the door for doughnuts at the doughnut store, followed by church.

Marrying you was the best thing I ever did, David Spina. Xo

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