Be thankful for the grandparent help when you have young children!


You know those MasterCard TV commercials where they cite the cost of items and then end with a sappy memory with a cost of “Priceless”?

Well, my parents drove ALLTHEWAYACROSSTHEWORLD to Dallas to spend the night and help watch all three of our kids in the hotel so I could attend some of my husband’s events at his company’s annual big convention. Yesterday, I returned from a business lunch, exhausted post long newborn night. But three-week-old Hannah would not nap, so I couldn’t nap, either. Each time I thought she was finally asleep, she kept fussing. Mom finally INSISTED I go into the other dark, cool, deliciously silent bedroom to nap and she would take care of Hannah.

I was out like a light in two-seconds in a deep coma sleep. When I stumbled out of the bedroom two glorious hours later, there was my precious angel mom that had lulled Hannah to sleep. (We call her the Baby Whisperer). And my dad was behind her at the dining room table, patiently giving Samson a terrific chess lesson.

So, yes, when you are an exhausted, sleep-deprived newborn mom and your parents take care of your high-energy children AND fussy three-week-old newborn and INSIST you take nap??? PRICELESS.

I truly have the best, most thoughtful parents….


Later that night, they did something else spectacular.

When I was sick and couldn’t eat anything with Hannah’s pregnancy, Dave promised to take me to a fine dining restaurant as soon as I could eat again post-delivary. So we celebrated with a delicious, romantic dinner overlooking Dallas while my kind parents took care of ALL THREE KIDS a few floors below us in our hotel room! Hurrah for the end of morning sickness and kind grandparents!


Everyone has different types grandparents. Some grandparents are uninvolved. Some are over-involved. But some, like my parents, are what I call grand-angels, sent straight from heaven. If you have amazing grandparents, take time to thank them for their support during the little years. I like to send a hand-written thank you note, text message, post about their kindness on Facebook to honor them publically, gift a manicure to my mom or just call them up, after they have been extra helpful, to let them know how much their support means.

Special note if you don’t have grandparents or have uninvolved grandparents:
If your grandparent situation is not ideal, remember comparison and complaining never helps. I know that is easy for me to say since I have terrific grandparent involvement, but I believe it with all my heart, in all aspects of life. Don’t get sucked down into bitterness over unmet expectations. Even if your grandparent involvement is minimal, you can always be grateful for that! (Some don’t have any grandparents living, or their grandparents live out of state.) If you have a very bad grandparent situation, you can at least take note of what would be PRICELESS to you right now with young children. Then, someday when your children have babies, YOU can be a “Grand-angel” to them!

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