Hotel Life with Little People

It’s worth it to take ’em!

It’s the hotel life for these little cousins!

(My sister and I birthed all these children in the past five years. Are you impressed, or are you impressed.)

We have been living in a swanky Dallas hotel thanks to my husband’s generous company for the past several days. (My sister’s husband and my husband work for the same company – bonus! Work events together!) These little ones are having a blast running through big open hotel lobby spaces, swimming together, breakfasting like kings at the restaurant, ordering room service like a boss (Me: what do you want, Samboy? Samson: “Um, I would wike Mac n’cheese, pizza and a hamburger”), pizza/movie parties at night, etc.

(However, Samson may be getting a tad bit spoiled. Yesterday, he asked me for water. Me: Go grab a bottled water right over there. Samson: But it’s not cold. Can you just order me a cold one to my room, please? Me: Uh, no.)

Two-year-old Esther loves to pretend order room service for everyone throughout the day, so we finally disconnected the plastic black hotel phone so she can order room service to her heart’s delight.

E: “What YOU like, Mama?”
Me: “Um, French fries and ketchup.
E: “Oh, tay! Tanks! Coming riiiiight up!”

(Picks up disconnected phone with the focus of an investor closing a multi-billion-dollar deal. Puts lower part of phone on ear so most of phone is sticking above her head like a snorkel)

“MA’AM! Need Fries! Ketchup! Ok?!?!? Ok?!?! BYE!”

Slams down phone back on receiver (favorite part).

Samson and Esther fight over who gets to use the “Magic Card” to insert and unlock our hotel room.

(PS When did Samson get so big to be able to unlock and then open a gigantic heavy hotel door by himself? Wasn’t it just yesterday when he was a baby and I carried him through these same hotel doors swaddled in a blanket?!? Stop. Growing. So. Fast. What happened to my tiny baby boy!!! ???)

When waiting for the elevator, each of us dashes to one of the potential eight elevator doors to see which door will open first – the family member that guessed correctly WINS!

After breakfast, we ride the glass elevator to the top of the hotel, looking down at all the people eating like busy ants.

(I love stop-and-smell-the-roses moments like these with small children! Yes, I’m downing coffee like a crazed sleepless zombie to off-set feeding a three-week-old baby all night long on an orange hotel couch. But crouching down by little two-year-old Esther each morning to enjoy the glass elevator view? Totally worth it.)

And although David Spina’s company graciously gets us a Texas-sized suite each year overlooking downtown Dallas’ twinkling skyline, the kids’ favorite part this year?? Pushing the button to flush the super fast, super LOUD hotel toilets in our room, over and over. It half terrifies, half delights them. Dave and I steal a silent parenting smile across the suite as we hear the toilet flush for the 48,824 time and little giggles spill out the bathroom door.

And that’s why, even though it’s a lot of work and energy to bring little ones on work trips, it’s TOTALLY WORTH IT.

“Enjoy the little things in life – like loud high-powered hotel toilets – for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.”


Late night swimming with dad

Late night swimming with dad

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