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Perspective in the little years

During the girls’ naptime, Samson’s imagination and independent play run wild. Today he created an elaborate party, complete with kid snacks at each of our places at our wooden kitchen table, games like “bobbing for apples” set out (my stainless steel mixing bowl full of water on the kitchen floor with a lone apple floating, […]

Why I Believe in Vacationing with Kids

This picture, to me, is what vacations with kids are all about: THE FUN MEMORIES. My dad’s dad – my grandfather – owned several successful businesses in Pine-tree-dotted small town Magnolia, Arkansas. But unfortunately, he went to be with the Lord at a young age. My mother never even met him. I think that experience […]

Working Out Post-Children

I went running for the first time since having Hannah this week. (Because, what better time to start than at THE BEACH, right?!??) When I was single, I used to run three times a week – even ran a few 5k and 10k races. (Light stuff compared to my sister that runs marathans, my brother […]

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