Working Out Post-Children


I went running for the first time since having Hannah this week. (Because, what better time to start than at THE BEACH, right?!??)

When I was single, I used to run three times a week – even ran a few 5k and 10k races. (Light stuff compared to my sister that runs marathans, my brother that does Ironman competitions and my other two brothers that compete in body building competitions – WOA NELLIE).

Anyway, I threw on my shoes and headphones, blaring music and hit the beach before any of my tiny darlings were awake. Well. LEMME TAIL YEW, my ‘ol running bod is not the same since having my third child. I felt slow, weak, flabby and my knee hurt. And boy, was I out of breath quick.

(However, my husband just completed and WON a biathlon where he carried 30 pounds of heavy gear while running hills for 5+ miles and he NEVER walked so I was not about to stop LOL!)
After I finished my run (my old running coach told us to always sprint the final 1/4 mile – whew!), I was sweating hard. (Er, someone told me “ladies don’t sweat. They glow.” GLOWING. Whatever.)

I was mad at how out of shape I was, and more upset over how much my joints and tendons hurt with sharp pain.

Where was the old hard-core athlete me??? I felt – and looked – like an out-of-shape squishy mom.

I opened the beach condo door, and I scooped up my big-cheeked baby Hannah. I thought about this new mom body of mine.

Well, it’s only been 10-months since I birthed an almost 10-pound baby. (No wonder I’m breathing so hard). I’ve had three children in five years. (Hello Mump. Aka “mom bump” on the belly.) I’ve been pregnant a total of 30 months. (No wonder my knees are so messed up carrying all that weight.) And I’ve been hoisting and carrying fat babies and heavy toddlers for the past six years. Yes, I’m not what I used to be.
But you know what? I wouldn’t trade my three sweetie pies for the world.

I’m not going to give up on working out. But I’m not going to be angry at motherhood for changing my body. Because I know too many women that are unable to bear children that would love to have a post-baby body. And I also do not easily forget how grateful I am to be able to run – and not puking every day from morning sickness. Perspective. It really does change everything.

(But just between you and me, when some hardcore running chick passes me on the beach with her washboard abs and tiny waist, everything in me wants to yell, “Hey! I had a baby 10-months ago and I’M AWESOME JUST TRYING TO RUN AGAIN!!!”
But, then again, I’m so out-of-breath I can’t say anything.)

To all the moms working out again post-baby, YOU ROCK!!!



This picture CRACKS ME UP. Why?

It is a well-known rule in the Spina household that you may not, under any circumstances, hit anyone! You get major consequences! No excuses tolerated! We have a ZERO HITTING TOLERANCE.

(I mean, do Dave and I demonstrate physical force conflict resolution??? “Honey, did you take my iPhone charger!?!?” PUNCH TO THE SHOULDER.

? Seriously. So many times in public I want to yell out, “I DID NOT MODEL THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR. I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THEY GOT IT.”

Anyway, hitting is a big, fat no-no at our house. So my clever little darlings often resort to other forms of physical force, in hopes of smaller consequence.

So when I was trying to snap a candid shot of Esther watching Dolphins, a little boy apparently got too close to her liking.

So, naturally, mid-photo, she hip-whacked him hard.

He stared bawling. And I started apologizing profusely, while trying to stifle my wicked laughing.

Do anyone else’s kids attempt to physically resolve conflict?!??? SO EMBARRASSING.

BEWARE my sweet baby girl, THE HIP WHACKER!

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